Final Exam

Women in Military: How Are the Newer Generations Seeing Them

In January, the Defense Department of America had opened up all the gender-based limitations for one to join the military, and females, from now on, are free to join the military and even the special forces if they are able to pass the tests. According to Andrew Tilghman, in his article “All Combat Jobs Open to Women in the Military,” it was a “historic change” that “will clear the way for women to serve alongside men in combat arms units” (Tilghman, 2015). Many of the older generations do not agree with what the Department did, and believe allowing women in the military is a horrible mistake, since women are the ones to be protected in their opinions. Differently, the newer generations are more ready to accept women in the military, since they have been born and raised without the barrier of genders, and they have witnessed the power of women.

As the traditional beliefs goes, boys wear blue while girls wear pink, boys play with cars  while girls play with dolls. However, the newer generations are raised in a time where regarding genders equally, in which girls are able to have interests that considered “boyish” by the older generations. According to my English professor Agnes Stark, her four-year-old son loves to play with dolls as much as he loves to play with cars, and her daughter is learning tae kwon do and has already achieved the blue belt. Her children being the newest generation in the world currently, are the examples of generations being born without the boundaries of genders. According to Stark, interests should not be limited by the gender of a person, and one should not be judged because of the old fashioned ways of looking at genders. Children born in such environment would certainly become a part of the people finding less differences between genders but personalities. Also, one of my mother’s closest friend has a daughter who is about the age of 8. When the girl was 6, she just fell in love with the Disney movie “Cars” as well as all the cars. She was obsessed with toy cars and racing games on iPad, and never wanted to wear skirts. Clearly, the newer generations are being born in the world where has less bias on genders, especially on girls. The so-called “female-roles” from the older generations and stereotypes of housewives now does not apply to the females from the newer generations, and these girls would not think being a part of the military is something not appropriate for them.

Moreover, female power has been widely witnessed by the new generations that they believe females are not made to be protected. As one from a newer generation, a Marine, and Iraq war veteran, Mary Beth Bruggerman said, “Women have achieved so much and done so much right in front of our eyes that most people don’t believe there are barriers for women anymore” (Lemmon, 2015). Even though women’s achievements were being dismissed by the older generations, it is more and more exposed to the newer generation. Kathy Johnson, in her article “Women in Combat: History and Future,” explained that there were more than 130 deaths and 800 injuries of women soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan that were never credited by the government (Johnson, 2013). Seen as only “attachments” of the military by the officials of the military, which are majorly males from the older generations, the female soldiers did not receive enough attention until now. As the Internet becoming the dominant media, the public is being exposed with more and more female power like those soldier who served their lives to their country. As the public becoming to notice how powerful females can be and forgetting about the old biased opinions of women are the ones to be protected by men, the newer generations would be much more willing to accept women in military serving their country with their strength.

However, one major point that people may believe that is against females in the military is that women do no have enough physical strength, stamina, and other elements to perform as well as men do in combat situations. As Tilghman reports in the article “All Combat Jobs Open to Women in the Military,” a Marine Corps-sponsored study indicates that male units “shot more accurately, could carry more weight and move quickly through some tactical maneuvers,” and women are easier to get injured than men (Tilghman, 2015). The fact is clear, most females do not physically perform as well as males does. However, in combats, physical performance does not mean everything. Every situation that men can solve with physical strength should be able to be solved with other elements like strategy and dexterity by females. In the new generations’ opinions, mental strength means everything instead of physical strength.

In conclusion, the newer generations are open to women joining the military. The environment they grow up in educates them that there are no boundaries between genders, the female power is more and more exposed to them and make them believe females are not the ones “need to be protected.” Humans started with the society of males protecting females long time ago because they were under the threatening of survival of the species from other brutal animals, and they needed to protect the ones who are crucial to the existence of a species, which are females and the young. However, in the society today, females should be freed from the role of continuing the species, and should be able to do what they want to with the respect from others.


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